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Archive | Holston River Report

I was out in the Holston River the other day. A nice warm 60 degrees. If you looked up and down the river, you could see the start of the spring hatch. The trout are going crazy, jumping completely out of the water right next to you.  The man across the river took full advantage of the warm weather and fantastic conditions. He quickly caught 5, 10, 15, and, when it was all said and done, he caught more like 20. This is a funny type of year. One day it will be 65 degrees, a beautiful day for fly fishing. The next day it will be 35 degrees and terrible fly fishing weather. Fly fishers must take advantage of the nice days here and there.

-Alex Brewer


What piece of gear do we use the most other than the rod & reel? Most of us reach for our fly box more than a dozen or 2 times while out on the river for the day. And does our fly box really stand up to the test. I would say not. Those fancy […]

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How to care for fly line.

Today we are so busy that we often neglect to care for are Rio fly line, or we believe it’s like everything else meant to be used then tossed in the trash. But at $75-$85.00 we might want to take the time to care for it. The throw away society is great for the dealer […]

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How to fish a Wooly Bugger Pattern and more

A Wooly Bugger Is classified as a streamer and normally tied on hook sizes #10-4 but can be tied all the way down to size 20’s. This pattern is the baby bugger. They come in just about any color. . This helps the wooly buggerfly be about the only pattern that can travel anywhere in […]

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Indicators are Important!

by Kenny Klimes Don’t forget to think about the type, size, or style of indicator to employ when you’re using the dead drift method with nymphs, midges, or larva type flies.  Every class I teach someone always asks, “Kenny, what kind of indicator do you use?”  This is what I tell them – indicators are […]

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To Wade or Not to Wade…that’s the new question

So, a couple years ago I made the transition from rubber waders (with rubber sole boots) to breathable felt-sole waders.  I thought I hit the jackpot: no more sweating like a dog in a rubber suit and looking like an infant just learning to walk as I slipped over the rocks with rubber boots. . […]

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Montauk – October 2011

Fall is here!  I love one month more than any other…October! The air is crisper, it’s not blazing hot anymore, it’s my birthday month, and the fish are biting!  For the last few years we’ve taken an annual trip to Montauk State Park near Salem, MO. It’s about 2 ½ hours southwest of STL but […]

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10 Things I Learned in Montana (Glacier NP)

10 ) Never bank on McDonald’s being open at 6am for breakfast 24-hour McD’s are reserved for Midwestern fatties. 9 ) When visiting a National Park, be the first ones there. Crowds pour in around 10 am. Beating them there means you get the trail to yourself for a few hours. 8 ) Former pro […]

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