Wooly Bugger – Conehead Brown Bomber


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This Wooly Bugger pattern is tied with light brown and white and topped off with a conehead. Since joining the family it has become a deadly pattern for browns, rainbows and big bass. The colors help it look much like a muddler minnow but brought to you in the design of  wooly bugger. We are selling this pattern in sizes 12-2. Having so many sizes to choose from makes this fly a great choice for trout and bass alike.

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  1. I purchased this fly last winter not knowing how well it would fish. It lives up to its name. The bomber has a knack for pulling big fish out of deep runs and pools even in the harshest weather conditions and the highest water. Fishing this fly in near flood conditions this winter produced some of the biggest fish I’ve ever netted. It is one of the few flies that I use that a fish will come back to three or four times. In most of the streams I fish a 15 inch brown is the top of the food chain and this fly calls them in.

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