Crackleback – Orange


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The best trout fly ever! Created in 1952 by Ed Story, this is the go to fly when the fishing gets tough. It is a dry fly, it is a wet fly . . . on many waters you will find it is the only fly you need.  Make sure you pick up every color of the Crackleback assortment!

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  1. This is my go to fly for the small ponds where close to where I live. I have a small pond close to my home in lake St. Louis that I visit frequently that is full of bluegill. I fish that pond often and my orange Crackleback never fails me. I also use it extensively in the ponds at Bush Wildlife. the fish hit my Crackleback hard and it holds up to many strikes. The hooks are very sharp and stay that way and the fly doesn’t come apart like a lot of the others that I have purchased elsewhere. They are well constructed and the best thing of all is that they are much cheaper that I can them in the big stores. When I run out and reorder, I always receive my shipment in just a few days. It’s a pleasure doing business with Wollybugger Fly Company and it’s owner Jason.

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