Easy-Vue Competion Fly Box – By Snowbee


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The ‘Easy-Vue’ Competition Fly Box is aimed squarely at the competition fly fisher or serious fly tier who is looking for large fly capacity in one easily accessible fly box.

Made out of tough, durable, crack resistant plastic, this fly box is designed to last. For maximum ease of visibility, convenient features were incorporated into the design, starting with having transparent ABS plastic lids that allow flies to been seen at a glance. The micro-slit high-density ethnafoam used in these boxes not only holds all sizes of flies easily and securely but by being light grey in color with a white background, also allows for clear, quick fly identification. Double hinges allow the lids to fold flat to 180° for easy access to flies in the box. Ample depth under the lids allows all sizes of flies to fit in the box, and should you accidentally drop this fly box in the water, it floats!


Large: 11.75” x 8.5” x 2.3” 
Fly capacity: 708 flies

(Flies not included)


  • Tough body molding for strength and crack resistance
  • Transparent ABS lids allow contents to be seen at a glance
  • White fly-tray background for clear, quick fly identification
  • Double hinges for easier access
  • Secure double locking system for security
  • Silicone gasket makes the box 100% waterproof
  • Micro-slit high-density ethnafoam holds all sizes of flies easily and securely
  • Ample depth under lids for all sizes of flies
  • Floats if dropped in water
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