Elk Hair Caddis Sticker


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In stock

Elk Hair Caddis Sticker

This fly fishing sticker is our way of paying homage to one of the most popular flies of all time. The elk hair caddis is a fly that we are all drawn to, its name and looks just beckon’s us to pull it from the box. We have melded the head of an elk to the body of the caddis to make this stately design. It now feels as if it’s been pulled from the pages of an old Grays Sportmans Jornal.

This sticker will fit nicely on your Truck, Gear Box, Cooler, Beer Fridge or where ever you slap your fly fishing stickers. 



  •  Printed on high-quality outdoor vinyl with UV protection to hold the colors. 
  • Measures 2.12in x 3in
  • Easy to peel.


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