Griffith’s Gnat – Grizzly Hackle


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This dry fly pattern represents a cluster of adult midges mating.  Awesome pattern when a midge hatch takes place!

Midge patterns are an essential part to any fly fishermen’s box.  Nearly every river in the world has midges present year round and fish are almost always willing to eat a correctly presented midge.  At times, fish will give up their pursuits for these small bugs and focus on something larger, but it is always a good guess to start the day off with midges until you see something else going on in the river.



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  1. This is an excellent top and surface layer fly. When the trout are slurping at the surface be prepared to bring a some trout home for the wife to clean. I use these on almost every outing when I’m trout fishing in Missouri. Very fun fly to fish since your primarily working on the surface.

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