Sergeant Smallie-SmallMouth Decal

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Our Smallmouth bass sticker is designed to honor the Vietnam-era U.S. Marines and dedicated to my uncle who served in that era. We will be coming out with a sticker honoring each branch of the U. S. Armed Forces in the coming year. 

We chose the Smallmouth bass because it represents the tough fighting spirit of the U.S. Marines and the jungle environment, they fought in.  Bring the fighting spirit home with this detailed sticker.

For every sticker sold Woolybugger Fly Co will donate 5% of the sale to Project Healing Waters.
This sticker measures 5.75 wide x 7 long
  • Printed on high-quality Vinyl
  • Weather-resistant
  • Perfect for coolers, car, boat, tumblers, beer fridge 

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