R. Stein

I found your site due to a FB group I once belonged to with other Central Oregon fly anglers, and I’m sure glad that person mentioned you.

This is my second order. I find your flies to be of excellent quality, great prices and awesome selection. I swear the selection thing is the best part. Often I can’t find the exact fly I’m thinking of at my local shop. I still go there, and I try. I want to support them for sure. But on your site I get a GREAT selection and the prices are easily 35-50% less than what the shop charges.

I’ve never had a problem with the make or quality of your flies. This last time I ordered, you didn’t have any egg patterns, and because it was late fall, I wasn’t surprised. But I look forward to trying some egg patterns in the future.

For now, the new batch I just got (what is WRONG with USPS?? You mailed them on the 12/10, I got them 12/29.. sigh) makes me excited to get out on the water and try some of these.

Thanks for all you do and for giving anglers a really great online source for fun fly patterns.

Happy new year