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This Caddis fly is a classic and high floating Caddis dry fly imitation.  The large and bushy profile of the Goddard Caddis makes it a great fast water and pocket water caddis pattern.  The deer hair body adds the bulky profile and also the high flotation for the fly.

The video provides detailed instructions for tying a Goddard Caddis fly, a popular choice for fly fishing due to its ability to float well and initiate a take by twitching, skating, or waking it on the water’s surface. The process, while time-consuming, is described as addictive and involves several key steps:

  1. Using a diary key hook and deer hair, the hair is flared around the shank and secured with thread wraps until it no longer moves. A small amount of Zappa gap is applied to the thread wraps to prevent issues.
  2. The excess hair is trimmed and the remaining hair is pushed back and flared with thread wraps. The hair is then trimmed to square off the sides, top, and bottom.
  3. A hackle and a quill from a brown dry fly neck are used for antennae. The hackle feather is selected based on size, stripped of webby fibers and some of the stem, and then secured to the hook with thread wraps.
  4. The hackle feather is folded forward and secured with thread wraps, then wrapped around the hook shank in adjacent wraps. The thread is then zigzagged through the hackle fibers and secured with a whip finish.
  5. The antennae are formed by snipping the loop and the hackle tip is trimmed off. Buttons are snipped off at an angle and a small reverse-angle cut is made.

The final product may vary, but all flies made using this method can catch trout.


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