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Product Details: Oros Strike Indicators

  • Say goodbye to common strike indicator pain points – no small parts to fumble and lose, and no kinking of the line. These indicators are incredibly easy to adjust.
  • The round strike indicator unscrews in half to reveal a centered slot for your leader. Simply align your leader in the slot and screw the two halves together until they grip the line securely. This centered alignment enables balanced casting without exposed hardware that can create drag or tangle lines.
  • The fastening hardware is cleverly concealed within two molded soft foam hemispheres. When closed, these hemispheres compress, creating a pressure-fit lock that keeps the indicator in place without kinking the line. The oversized threads make it effortless to secure to the line.
  • The Oros Strike Indicator is environmentally friendly, made with a biodegradable additive that works during prolonged exposure in natural environments. It also boasts a smooth surface that repels water and dirt, creating less drag while casting.
  • These indicators float as much, if not more, weight than the current leading brands.
  • Mix and match the indicator top and bottom colors for optimal visibility.
  • Recommended line weights by size: Small (5X and lower), Medium (4X or lower), Large (3X or lower).
  • Each pack contains 3 Oros Strike Indicators.


S Multi-Color, M Multi-Color

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