This Fly Will Net More Fish.

Here in Missouri we love the Crackleback, you won’t find one fly box in the state without a variety of Cracklebacks in it. The reason the Crackleback is so popular is it was born and breed here by Ed Story of Feathercraft, in the 1950’s but is now being fished worldwide. The question you should be asking yourself is why isn’t this fly in your box yet and how do I get my hands on them. That’s a good question and I’m here to help. The fly was developed after the Wooly Worm pattern, but don’t mistake it for one, It neither looks like one or fishes like one either. IT IS MUCH BETTER!!!

The best thing about a Crackleback is that it can be fished a variety of ways. The most popular ways our to dress the hackles with floatant and dead-drift in the surface film. If you don’t get a hit by the end of the drift twitch/jerk the fly beneath the surface. Then strip it back to you, I get many strikes this way. Or you can fish DEEP with sinking line,leader or split shot. I have also found it good to use as a dropper. I even will bounce it off the bottom with a san jaun worm above it and nail fish all day long. The key is, is to get the fly to down to where the fish are. THIS FLY WILL GIVE YOU SUCCESS. The Crackleback over the years has been tied in many colors, we carry some of the most effective ones. Here is a list of them. (1) Olive, Olive-weighted (2) Brown, (3) Tan, (4)Orange, (5) Green Holographic, (6) Red Holographic, (Sizes: 12, 14, 16,18 and 20). So while your here let Wooly Bugger load you up on crakclebacks and any other flies you need. 

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