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The Mountian of Ozark guides

Big Smiles Await You!!!     Cardiac Mountain Outfitters LLC is something that I have thought about for a long time. My name is Damon Spurgeon. I am a Veteran, Husband, Father, and obsessive for all things fishing. For the last 5 years I have spent at least 200-250 days on the water somewhere. Cardiac […]

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Rod Position and Fighting Big Fish

I have had a lot of discussions lately relating to rod position when fighting big fish. We all see the pictures of the guy in the fly-fishing catalog with the fancy waders, awesome colorful jacket (that’s another topic) and his rod held straight up in the air fighting a huge trout. It makes a great picture but […]

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Drag is not your friend!

Drag is not your friend: One of the biggest mistakes I see on the water by our guys is allowing drag to destroy their drift.  Drag is not your friend when it comes to dead drifting nymphs or dry flies.  After working with new guys and watching “experienced” guys, I feel that many still don’t […]

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Beginner Fly Fishing Checklist: The Must Haves.

Beginner Fly Fishing Checklist: If your just getting into the sport or just wondering what you need to get started. Please consider shopping with us use code:soc for 15% off. Fly Line Fly line is an extension of your rod and needs to be matched accordingly. Each rod is designed to for a specific weight […]

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Euro Nymphing – Worth It?

I have been “practicing” euro nymphing the past year with mixed results.  It is an excellent way to catch fish and I found it useful in certain situations but not all. When euro nymphing you are using super long leaders (15 -25ft) and a “sighter” vice an indicator.  My sighter is two feet long and […]

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Summer – Time for Heat Exhaustion?

Every winter I cover things like what to wear on the water, cotton kills, and hypothermia.  But now with summer here we can forget all of that – but what DO we need to know about? With the summer heat creeping up on us, we need to start thinking about heat exhaustion and sun stroke.  […]

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New Water…Be An Expert- Part Duex

New River – First Time:  Part Duex Now that we established in Part One, how we prepare for and what we look for when we fish a new river for the first time. Let’s talk about how we determine how we will fish this new river. First, we must decide if we will sight fish […]

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New Water

Part One New Water….Be An Expert, PART ONE? Any fly fisher wants to be able to fish any river, at any time of the year and do well.  So, what should we think about when going to fish a new river for the first time? First, I study. I’ll read up before I head to […]

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Tippet Rings, Really Are You Kidding?

Tippet Rings; whats all this craziness.   In the past 100 years of our sport – fly fishing, there have been so many new innovations that it can make your head spin. From Bamboo rods, dry fly fishing, reels that just are there to hold your line to graphite rods, smooth silky reel drag, euro […]

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