Fly Tying Hack for Thread Spools

Since everyone is homebound and Self-Isolating. I thought I would throw in a very cool fly tying “hack” that I learned this week from a buddy.  So stay home and tie those flies and get ready to hit the water. When you are trying to keep your thread from unraveling on the spool, try this cool idea.  Get some 1/2 inch binder combs or plastic binder spines from your local office supply store. You can also get a larger 3/4 inch clip/spine but I think they may be too large for normal size thread. You might have them laying around the house. 

Just be careful out there out watch out for each other.

Check out the pictures:

1. Buy your 1/2 inch binder

2. Use a scissors to cut each section of the binder comb/spine

3. Put all your sections to the side and then grab your thread.

4. Attach the combs/spine sections to your thread spools.

5. They will keep your thread from unraveling

6. You can also use them for your wire ribbing and more.

7.  I will buy a package of them for our fly tying session and pass them out at our next fly tying session!


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