To Wade or Not to Wade…that’s the new question

So, a couple years ago I made the transition from rubber waders (with rubber sole boots) to breathable felt-sole waders.  I thought I hit the jackpot: no more sweating like a dog in a rubber suit and looking like an infant just learning to walk as I slipped over the rocks with rubber boots. . Well, my excitement was short lived.  As of March 1 the state of Missouri has issued a mandate that fishers will no longer be able to wear their felt-sole boots in Missouri’s rivers and streams, due to the transport of an invasive algae. This algae spreads like crazy and covers the entire bottom of the stream bed. It discourages the natural habitat for trout spawning and aquatic insect life (e.g. trout food). . Here’s a link to the article:

For the sake of me fishing in the future I guess I’ll be purchasing a new pair of rubber-soled waders. Look for my old felt pair on an Ebay auction near you!