Winter Streamer Fishing…Bring your A game.

Winter streamer fishing

As the temps drop trout move upstream to the find the best feeding grounds. This will bring a drop off in their feeding activity but that doesn’t mean you have to see a drop in your fish count.

Trout will start to expend less energy when finding their meals. They will find slower currents, deep pools and slack water to gather in. Often behind rocks logs and other objects. The food will bring the food to them.

Being aware of how to find trout is the first key in fishing winter streamers.

Choseing your streamer knowing how to choose the apporate color is crucial. The water conditions will determine the color you use. Murky water calls for darker colors such as Olive, Brown, Black or other darker colors. they contrast well in the darker water.Clear water calls for light colors they pick up the sun light.

Shorten your leader this is good advice year round. While a long leader is great when fishing dries and nymph you lose control of your streamer. While stripping and adding action to the streamer you lose the ability to transfer action to the fly with a long leader. I recommend a 7.5 leader, be ready to set the hook.

Find your section of water and work the formations and areas. Deep holes, banks, rock and logs. Use short strips while you retrieve remeber the fish are conserving energy. Trout aren’t going to chase your fly 50yds upstream. Short strip should do fine. Try twitching your fly in those hot spots to evoke a strike.

When setting the hook ( stripping) allow the fish to do much of the work. Simple pull back on the line and you should be in for a fight. Remember the “tug is the drug”.  Once you hook up try and make it a quick fight since the fish are already lethargic

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