How to care for fly line.

Today we are so busy that we often neglect to care for are Rio fly line, or we believe it’s like everything else meant to be used then tossed in the trash. But at $75-$85.00 we might want to take the time to care for it. The throw away society is great for the dealer (that’s me heck i’ll sell you one every month if you want). But if we take the time to learn how to care for that line we can extend the life of it.

So here are some steps on how to make your line last longer. First off things we should avoid doing to are lines. Fly lines are coated with a with a plastic chemical to help keep them moist and supple. We often do things that arms this coating and allows the line to dry out much faster. What you ask, glad you asked we leave it on our car dashes where the armful UV rays can quicken the drying out process. We also spray our sunscreen or bug spray on to close.┬áThe chemicals in these products will remove the (PVC) and ruin your line. We also simple toss the reel/line about in the bed of the truck or trunk where sand works it’s way in or worse the line can get a nick in it.

So what can you do to help save your Fly line. Clean it, Rio makes some great products clean that Rio Fly Line you are currently casting. You can use the Wonder Cloth to wipe down your line after each day on the river or get some Agentx dressing to care for your line. Or you can simply wash your line in Ivory dish soap then rinse it off. What ever method you chose make sure you know that fishing from the bank or a drift boat can cause your line to collect a lot of dirt and grime. So take good care of your this year and extend its life. If not I will happily sell you another.

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