What piece of gear do we use the most other than the rod & reel? Most of us reach for our fly box more than a dozen or 2 times while out on the river for the day. And does our fly box really stand up to the test. I would say not. Those fancy waterproof boxes if dropped just allow those expensive flies to float away. Also those foam slots either don’t hold the flies very well or the start to get torn up after a few long days on the river. So whats the answer? Well the guys at Tacky Fly fishing have found it.

The new Tacky Fly boxes created by a group of professional fly fishers are winning all the reviews for their new design. The Tacky fly box is built out of a tough polycarbonate material with a latch and magnet closure. But what makes it really great it that instead of foam they used offset silicone slots to hold the flies. Which will hold you flies firmly in place time after time. So stop wasting money on those cheap fly boxes and ” be tacky if you want to be cool

The Orginal & Daypack Tacky Fly Box
The Orginal & Daypack Tacky Fly Boxtackylogo


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